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"Danielle is the best coach I've worked with thus far in my career.  She helps you get focused on what your goal is and asks targeted questions to ensure you are on the right path.  She offers great outside perspective on your business all while helping you simplify.  Danielle really helped me step up and perform.  She held me accountable but was also there for support when I needed it.  Thank you, Danielle for all of your commitment and support in helping me achieve my professional goals."  

-Rachel Miller, Sales Manager

"Danielle is an outstanding organizational advisor. In my capacity as President and COO of Overseas Adventure Travel, I had the opportunity to work closely with Danielle at offsites focused organizational development and goal alignment. What makes Danielle unique is that she is able to understand complex business issues and therefore give guidance,, advice and facilitation based on what's best for the organization and business. Danielle is very direct but compassionate at the same time. This makes her feedback extremely effective. Many leaders seek out Danielle's support because she is able to "cut through the noise" and help the organization align goals, identify issues/barriers and develop plans to resolve those issues. She is extremely strong on follow-up which proved invaluable to me in my capacity as an organizational leader. I would strongly recommend Danielle to any organizational leader who needs an experienced coach, advisor and/or facilitator"'

-Joe Cali, COO and President

"Danielle is a passionate explorer and leader.  Her true calling is to enhance lives through experiential learning while using her great experience in leadership and team development.  The wisdom she imparts comes from her personal and professional learnings and her warm, insightful and strong character. Danielle has extensive experience working with all levels of an organization cross-functionally and cross-culturally. She has assisted in taking a corporate vision and culture globally which is no easy task. Danielle’s ability to identify issues, break down barriers and achieve goal alignment to get desired results for an organization is impressive. I credit her in supporting the success of many teams in my organization and I truly value her insight, directness and compassion."-

-Denise Sablone, President

"I have had the luck to have Danielle coaching me and my team several times. She can definitely take the best out of people by asking the questions that nobody else would and giving very direct feedback. She is also very personable and caring, always ready to give you her best smile. She is so passionate for what she does that everything she says and does comes from her strong believe in helping people to grow. She has given me the best feedback and the best support when I needed it the most and I will always be very grateful for that. Danielle is a great asset for any company!"

-Magdalena Zoroza, EVP South America

"Does your leadership team need a tune up? Danielle's coaching transformed our Senior Leadership Team. When Danielle started working with us we were a group of passionate and hardworking individuals who were avoiding the hard discussions needed to move our organization forward. With Danielle's guidance and "tough love," we were able to build greater trust within our team so that we could engage in constructive conflict around critical issues affecting our work. Today our Senior Leadership Team is a Real Team; a powerfully aligned decision making body, ready to engage around hard strategic questions for the betterment of our organization."

-Gabrielle King Morse, Executive DIrector

"Danielle provides invaluable insight and support in setting and achieving goals that make a real difference to performance and results.  She coaches through asking thought provoking questions rather than simple instruction, which enables full understanding of what can be achieved, why and how.  Danielle has been a key mentor in my professional life and has pushed me out of my comfort zone to take calculated risks with real insight and courage.  I strongly recommend Danielle to help you and your team navigate through everyday challenges or to guide you through the bigger picture to a more purposeful and rewarding life."  

-Chris Garcia, Executive Vice President

"Danielle helped me more than she will ever know both personally and professionally. She pushes me to ask myself the tough questions I want to avoid, to face reality, and then coaches me on my plan to move ahead. She does this not because it's a job, but because she truly cares. She always brings you back to what it is you are trying to accomplish, takes away all the noise, and helps you charge ahead. I cannot say enough about Danielle and her ability to challenge and support an individual or a team."

-Mandy Van Dam, Vice President

"Danielle has helped me grow in my professional career as well as my personal life. She has the innate ability to help me focus, determine the issue and figure out the resolution. She doesn't do this by solving my problems, she does it by teaching me to do it for myself. Danielle's coaching has been invaluable to my growth. I have had the privilege of seeing her master her skill one on one as well as to a large group, and every time she has brought myself and my team to the next level. Having the benefit of Danielle as a coach has made me an asset."

-Katie Palmer, Director